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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

By Travelers Risk Control
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on November 04, 2019 in No Category
Preparing your home for winter is an important annual ritual for homeowners. For instance, did you know that adding insulation in your attic before winter arrives can help prevent ice dams this winter? And do not forget that tuning up your heating system now can help prevent more costly emergency repairs at the height of a storm, when it can be difficult to find supplies and licensed contractors. The following winter maintenance tips can help you prepare your home to withstand another cold season. Downl... read more
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5 Home Safety Tips for Halloween

October 7, 2019 By The Allstate Blog Team
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on October 28, 2019 in No Category
Halloween is a night for dressing up in costumes, spooky thrills, trick-or-treating and, of course, fun. To help keep Halloween safe, here are some precautions homeowners can take before the ghouls and goblins come knocking on the door: 1. Teach Your Trick-or-Treaters Safety Tips Halloween safety for kids starts at home. Remind your trick-or-treaters to walk, not run, while going from house to house and always use the sidewalk or walking path, says Safe Kids Worldwide. You should also teach them to only s... read more
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3 Ways to Put Outdoor Planters to Good Use This Halloween

It’s time you planted a whole lot more than mums on your porch this year. Try one of these creative planter ideas instead.
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on October 14, 2019 in No Category
FROM HGTV HAPPY If you’re feeling stuck on your hunt for attractive, fun Halloween decor, look no further than these DIY creations made for your front-porch planters. With three clever ideas to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your style. Wayward Witch Cassidy Garcia Begin by cutting a standard size pool noodle in half using scissors. Next, stick two 5/8... read more
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The 10 Most Popular Home Entryways on Houzz Right Now

Posted by Alisa Bonelli on October 08, 2019 in No Category
Erin Carlyleyesterday Houzz Editorial Staff. Writing about the cost of renovation and what it takes to remodel. Former Forbes real estate reporter. Fascinated by cool homes, watching the bottom line. A home entryway should be a welcoming space that lets you organize your stuff and helps you feel glad to be home or eager to get back. In this countdown, the most-saved entryway photos uploaded to Houzz recently do just that. Roomscapes Cabinetry and Design Center 10. Puppy LoveThis mudroom and entry space by R... read more
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Pets Stress-Free During a Move

Keep your pets stress-free during your move.
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on September 23, 2019 in No Category
LAURA MCHOLMIf you are moving this summer you probably already feel the stresses of moving, but have you thought about what your four-legged family member may be feeling? Dogs and pets do feel the stresses of a move and often even more stress than their human companions are feeling.Imagine: you can’t read, understand all of the chatter around you and all you see is the chaos of boxes. Your home is in an upheaval plus there are stressed out humans everywhere. Sounds even more stressful, right? That’s why... read more
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