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Pets Stress-Free During a Move

Keep your pets stress-free during your move.
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on September 23, 2019 in No Category
LAURA MCHOLMIf you are moving this summer you probably already feel the stresses of moving, but have you thought about what your four-legged family member may be feeling? Dogs and pets do feel the stresses of a move and often even more stress than their human companions are feeling.Imagine: you can’t read, understand all of the chatter around you and all you see is the chaos of boxes. Your home is in an upheaval plus there are stressed out humans everywhere. Sounds even more stressful, right? That’s why... read more

Finding Homes for Home’s Best Friend

With more than 20,000 dogs already adopted, Coldwell Banker continues its Home For Dogs Project
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on September 23, 2019 in No Category
Nothing compares to the warmth and comfort of being at home. But for many dogs across America, this feeling is foreign.According to The Humane Society, between six and eight million dogs and cats enter shelters each year. Plus, almost three million healthy shelter pets are not adopted annually, and only about 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters or rescues.These sobering facts are what served as the inspiration the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project. After more than 100 years of helping people find ho... read more

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Prep your house and yard for cold weather with this list of things to do in an hour or over a weekend
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on September 16, 2019 in No Category
Laura Gaskill September 14, 2019 Houzz Contributor Fall is a good time to take care of big home repair projects before shorter days (and in many areas, ice and snow) make outdoor work too difficult. And if you do live in an area with cold winters, take some time this fall to boost energy efficiency throughout your home and prevent damage from winter storms with proper tree care. (We spoke with an expert to find out what you need to do.) Tick these items off your list this season, and you can rest easy knowin... read more

Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

Spring is overrated for planting. Starting plants in autumn has advantages for both garden and gardener
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on September 09, 2019 in No Category
Benjamin Vogt - Houzz Contributor September 2, 2019 Fall is the best time to garden, and it’s about time we realized this. Not only is cooler weather easier on new plants and tired bones, but planting in a spent garden with rain on the horizon also has advantages. Here’s more on why planting in fall can make spring gardens more robust than we might have imagined. Bethesda Garden Design llc EmailSave Cooler Weather Helps Plants and PeopleI confess from the get-go that I’m an autumn j... read more
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