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Posted by Danielle Hage on July 09, 2018 in  DIY  Home Improvements  Staging
This summer, make your backyard an inviting space for entertaining friends and family or simply a space to relax under the stars.Just adding neutral tones, modern accent furniture and organic texture to your space can make your own backyard feel like a resort.  Keeping your design elements earthy and naturalwill bring a light and airy feel to even the smallest of outdoor spaces.Paper & Stitch BlogIf you don't currently treat your outdoor area like an extended living space, consider... read more

Spicing Up Your Backyard on a Budget

Posted by Step Beyond Media on March 28, 2018 in  DIY  Home Improvements
No matter how big or small your back yard is, there are so many ways to turn your backyard into a comfortable, enjoyable space. Find a few different plants you like, create your own shade for cheap, or add a little paint to bring some color to your yard and you can easily transform your bare yard to a peaceful getaway. Below are some fun ideas to help you transform your backyard. ·         Paint cinderblocks and use them as an outdoor flower box. If you have a green... read more
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